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General rule: Exclusion RKC or a Splinter??

Many pairs casually add Exclusion RKC onto their system without clarifying which auctions qualify as Exclusion RKC. I’ve heard people give an assortment of rules they use, such as:

  • Exclusion must be a double jump
  • Exclusion must be at the 5 level
  • Exclusion must be higher than our game contract
  • Where a splinter would be valuable, it is presumed

Unfortunately, pairs still have misunderstandings - two of which I was at the table for.


NOTE: For the purpose of this survey please assume that you do NOT play Kickback and that you do NOT play 2 as Kokish.

1)  2   2     

     2   3     



2)  P  1   P   1

     X  XX  1 3    (XX was 3-card support)

     P  4

Assuming that you play EXCLUSION RKC, how do you play the above two auctions?

Additionally, what rules do you list in your system notes?

Ironically, when I was presented with the above 2 situations I only treated 1 of them as Exclusion...BOTH of my interpretations opposite from what my partner intended!!!

Both are Exclusion RKC
Both are splinter bids
Only auction 1 is Exclusion RKC
Only auction 2 is Exclusion RKC
Other, there is always an other

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