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Giving away old Bridge World and ACBL Bulletins, also Australian, New Zealand, and British

We are downsizing. After loading up many boxes of old Bridge Worlds (some since the 60's, most or all continuous since the 70's) plus  ACBL Bulletins (early 70's and onward) and miscellaneous British, Australian, and New Zealand magazines, I fear there is not sufficient space at the new place to store it all.


I will give away to a good home. I will want to keep a few (like the ones that feature articles I have contributed). If you are local - Toronto - you only have to drive up to get them.


If delivery is required, that's your dime. I will give them away, but not pay for you to get them!

Contact me at


I also have old hardcover books - Culbertson on up, real vintage stuff.


Maybe I will try to make a list, but that would be more to try to sell them.

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