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Gold Coast Ruling

I have just returned from a great trip to the Australian, Gold Coast Congress at the aptly named Surfer's Paradise.  It is a very friendly tournament that I would recommend to anyone.  The directors really make an effort to make everybody relaxed and comfortable they did not manage it with me on this hand.


I held   None




We were vulnerable against not playing 14 board Swiss Teams.

The bidding went P P 1S to me, and whether you like it or not I will stick you with 4H.  The next player bids 4S and partner considers for 15 or so seconds and passes.  Your go.


Your choices are below and I will fill you in on what happened in the appeals room in due course.  At the actual table I passed and in the same scenario (disputed),at the other table,  my hand bid 5H, hence the appeal and ruling.  I am really interested in your views.


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