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Golden Rules

For the third time in a row the major NABC pair event has been decided by an appeal. This is not a good trend for bridge, and one we need to end.

Here is how I think we can do better:

1. When we sit down against our opponents, let them know about conventions/carding/style to be prepared for. Don't keep it to a minimum.

2. At trick one as declarer: Take a mandatory break of 10-15 seconds to give your RHO a better chance to play in tempo.

3. Bid and play in tempo, especially in tempo-sensitive situations. Accept that it might hurt your short time results; it's worth it!

4. When we get unauthorized information (UI) from partner, make sure we don't take advantage of it. If there is any need to debate "what would I have done without the UI", choose an action not supported by the UI.

5. Call the director when you feel something is clearly wrong. Don't go looking for redress on a hunch.

Be nice - and enjoy the game!

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