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Grand Slam Leveling (Part II)

This poll is the continuation of the:

poll, where, quite interestingly, the 2 from 92 appears to be the preferred defender's play.

However, let's suppose that declarer's hand in 7NT is something like:

which can easily be the case, if the 2 discard can be read as a count signal.

If LHO drops the singleton 9 under the A, the strongest line appears to be:

  • diamond to the 8,
  • K, discard ,
  • Q to the A (claim if covered),
  • run diamonds.

This line makes whenever:

  • RHO's got the K (double squeeze),
  • LHO's got the K and the Q (simple squeeze).

However, when the 9 doesn't drop in the first round of the suit and the spades turn to be 4-4, declarer cannot cross to the dummy to test the Q cover, he can just choose between the late spade finesse and the club/spade squeeze, trying to guess which opponent holds the K.

If that is the case, what is the correct line in 7NT when LHO voluntarily plays the 9 on the first round of diamonds, from a 92 doubleton?

The "double-squeeze line" is still the preferred one
The "clubs/spades simple squeeze line" becomes the preferred one
Both lines are equally good, we should use a read on LHO

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