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Great Bols Of Fire

Great Bols of Fire


The recent re-emergence on BW of the Bols Bridge Tips (BBT) triggered a memory of a word contest/game I used to play called The Challenge, in The Globe and Mail newspaper. Here is a challenge for members. Create a fictional BBT. You must attribute it to a renowned player or celebrated personality. It can be a parody of former BBTs or something new and imaginative. Your submission will be like Omar, smart, sexy, playful. If my examples are more like Roseanne Barr, I hope you will be forgiving. The members will judge by their votes.

IMHO the mother of all BBTs was Frank Vine’s…….after stepping down from the podium to the thunderous applause for Bols Bridge Tip of the Decade, which was – before you claim - draw one more round of trumps.




Duck your honours smoothly; only the good die young.

Billy Joel


Ecstasy comes over me when a great bid or play begets an emotion from an opponent, whether sadness, depression, irritation, aggravation, agony and yes, even laughter, you should celebrate. Stop and pay attention to the moment, savor it and exploit the advantage you have earned.

Mike Lawrence


Over the big 5 level? Think twice before you bid for the ladies over fifty.

The five level belongs to the opponents.





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