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Green Ribbon Pairs? (ACBL)

Idea: Green Ribbon Pairs. Runs concurrently with the Silver Ribbon Pairs with an upper age limit that matches the minimum for the silver. Qualifications other than age mirror the silver ribbon.

Timing: Right now there is a giant hole on that Sunday for people who are not still in day 3 of the Platinum Pairs or Silver eligible. The IMP Pairs finish on Saturday but nothing else starts until Monday. As a weekend day, this is especially tragic for those who are still working and might only play on one or both weekends + an extra day or two. I knew several local players that flew to Reno for the first Fri/Sat and then left and I assume they are not unique.

Event: Since first wishing for this some years ago I've heard a variety of other people independently suggest something similar. Bridge correctly (imo) provides events for groups of people who are similar in some fashion. There are seniors events, womens events, youth events, mixed pairs. Personally, I think one group that gets almost no attention is the "working age adults", aka the 26 to 54 crowd. In times past, this may have qualified as the "majority" but these days they are far from it. Helping people in that age range find other people who are into bridge will make them more likely to remain interested and active ACBL members. This can be especially valuable for people going to a Nationals that have a very low # of people their own age locally. Non-juniors non-seniors are people too!

Is this a good idea? A bad one? Are there better ways to fill this hole? Does the hole even need filling? Please respond in the poll below.

Great Idea!
Good idea, but the Green Ribbon should run at a different time (post below)
That day is a problem but this is not a good solution
This is a bad idea, there is no issue.
Other (plz post below)
Other (Move Imp Pairs back a day)

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