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Guide: Login Vugraph on Ourgame during Sanya


Now, Ourgame has a new English version registration page: (Tip: "Lianzhong" in the page means Ourgame.)! 

You can simply register here and have a username to login at:


Original Guide:

Before Start: Several of my friends asked me how to, so I called the Ourgame. IMO, Ourgame is neither convenience nor professional. If you have the option, please choose BBO. If you really need to watch on Ourgame, just in case, you may follow my instructions.

Also I wanna thank Gavin Wolpert who encourages me to write this guide. OK lets go.

Step1: open the online website in your browser: It's in English, but ofcourse we don't have a username now.

Step2: click on register, then we will achieve a register page in Chinese. Don't worry, it's not so hard. There are four lines of blank in the middle.

1st line: enter the username you want to create. You can create one with letters, numbers, and "_". Notice: if your username has been occupied, there will be a red cross. You have to create one with green tick.

2nd line: enter the password you want to create. The password needs to be 8-15 characters.

3rd line: re-enter your password.

4th line: enter the verify codes. They are four-letter/number codes which display in the image on the right side of the blank. Notice: Whatever capital or lowercase letter the codes are, you ONLY enter LOWERCASE codes into the blank. (e.g. 2Ge8, you enter 2ge8) Also if you can't read the codes clearly, click on the image to change a new one. (I changed 10 times to find a readable one....)

Under four lines there is a tick followed by a sentence which means agree <regulations of Ourgame services>. Leave the tick there. Then click on the green button to register. There will be a window jumping out which requires you fill in more information. It's irrelevant, click on either yes or no.

Step3: OK now we can return to , enter username and password and click on login.

Done. You can find which tournament to watch on the top, and which table in the middle.

For the BWers who just want to have a try, I have registered one public username you could use:

username: bridgewinners / password: steveisagenius

But only one people each time, when you are off, that means someone is using the same username to login.

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