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Handling Interference in Stayman Auction

Most of us have agreed ways of handling interference over our 1NT opening.  For example, after 1NT-2S you could play Lebensohl, Double as penalties or takeout, 3level suit bids as forcing, are common, etc.   But consider the overcall AFTER responder’s action.   After a transfer, such as 1NT-p-2D(tr)-2S you can always pass with a doubleton and decide how to handle mins and maxs with 3+ hearts.

But the real issue I wish to address, having not discussed this (to my recall) in 45 years of amateur bridge (I’m guessing the pros have this thoroughly covered) is what to do after the 2C Stayman bid is overcalled (with 2S, as opener can always bid 2S over 2H).  If we consider the specific sequence 1NT-p-2C-2S-? In  a Std. Amer. Structure (playing with ability to transfer weakly to 3m the 2C bid does not absolutely promise a 4CM but will have one at least 95% of time) we encounter the following questions:

1) Should opener always bid 3H with 4+ hearts, or perhaps 3H with max only, or perhaps 3H with min and 4H with max?

2) should opener show a 5+ card minor? Forcing or not ? Only with a max?

3) Should opener double with a spade stack and Pass back to partner with everything else (or everything else besides 1) and 2))?

4) Assuming opener passes it back to responder:

   a) does that deny 4+ hearts, deny a max with 4+ hearts?

   b) should responder reopen with T/O Double only with sub-game values?

   c) should responder's 3m be forcing?  

   d) should responder utilize a Lebensohl-like approach: 3S Or 3N= 4H without stopper?, 2NT forcing to 3C, then 3S/3N= 4H with stopper?

I’m sure I must have included some inconsistencies above, but I’m looking for some guidance from solid Experts and strong Theoreticians in this area.

Also, suggesting a completely different structure, like 2S range check with invit. Hands, seems impracticable here unless it can solve ALL the related problems above.  I’m looking for a standard approach I can use in regular club and tourney games playing Std. Amer. (2/1GF)with regular partners. 


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