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Happy Trails, Matt Smith

Having been unceremoniously rejected from the Roth Swiss after the first day, as is my wont (how the hell did I draw Nickell round 7 when I was around average?, but that’s a story for another day), I believe that I have officially played in my last event where Matt Smith, who is retiring, is the director.

In addition to being a good director (I have seen him defuse contentious situations at the table with incredible equanimity), I have found Matt to be an impossibly nice guy, even for a Canadian. As evidenced by the fact that most of you don’t me from Adam, there is no particular reason for Matt to know me, but he does. In fact, when I showed up in a regional in Seattle (I live in Philadelphia), Matt knew enough to ask what I was doing there. He is also the best director at knowing the fake names that I enter on entries, no matter how obscure.

Good luck in retirement, Matt. Nationals will never be the same for me again.

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