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Help Me Understand "Source of Tricks" Responses to Jacoby 2NT

Back in the Stone Age when I first learned Jacoby 2NT responses, a four level response to 2NT showed a void. And I was content.

Then, in the All You Can Eat Buffet age, theorists (I believe Larry Cohen was first but I am not sure) developed more advanced responses to Jacoby 2NT and the four level responses were defined differently and explained to me as a "source of tricks." And I was happy because, well, what fat man like me would not be happy with an All You Can Eat Buffet? However, I was not as content because I was never sure what was meant by "source of tricks" or the alternative "good suit" terminology used by some.

Over the years, every time I sit down with a new partner I ask about the meaning of the four level responses to Jacoby 2NT and that leads inevitably to trying to determine what my new partner thinks is a "source of tricks" or a "good suit." The choices below represent the most frequent responses I get from new partners but except for the solid suit option (similar to a 1 minor - P - 1 Major - P - 4 minor auction), it is even more confusing to me what responder, who bid 2NT, is supposed to do with that knowledge if it is not a solid suit or maybe KQJxx or better. I'd appreciate comments on how responder proceeds with for example thee small on Options 3 - 6.

I gotta tell you, I never have this much confusion at the Buffet table.

Solid Suit (AKQxx or better)
KQJxx or better
QJTxx or better
AKxxx or better
Two out of the top three honors in a 5+ suit or better
Other (please specify)

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