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Help, please. Interesting or humorous deals wanted.

I have been asked to help at a bridge event (short duplicate, dinner and prize-giving). The duplicate won’t be eligible for master points, and I want to find maybe four interesting or humorous deals to mix in with the other, randomly dealt, deals. I plan to do a short commentary on the selected hands.

So far I have in mind a Grosvenor Coup from the original article, and the Bols tip deal about shuffling your hand at the end of play. Any ideas? I don’t want them to be ‘par’ hands or teaching hands.

I seem to remember a Victor Mollo deal where RR played quickly from two small cards in dummy, before his partner had finished putting down dummy, including adding the ace to the two-small in the suit led. RR, with a singleton in hand, would surely have played the ace from Axx, had he seen it time. Ducking, of course, is the only way to make the contract. Can anybody tell me which book to find it in? (This one would break my rule about par hands, but it will allow me to be rude about people who fool around when laying out the dummy.)

And while I have your attention, I am trying to track down the BridgeWinners pieces that mentioned that 4NT is a more successful contract than 3NT; and that 1♠ is the most frequently used bid. (It is possible that I may have come across one of them somewhere else.)

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