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Help with USBC Fantasy Bracket

The USBF was hoping to have a Fantasy Bracket for the USBC (aka US Team Trials) this year, but it turns out that the BridgeWinners Fantasy Bracket software only works with a 64 team event, and the USBC Knockout starts with 16 teams (or actually 12 because 2 teams have byes to the Quarterfinal – probably everyone can correctly predict the result of Nickell vs Bye and Fleisher vs Bye).  

Since we can’t use the BridgeWinners software, we'll need help to have a Fantasy Bracket. I wondered whether there might be anyone out there with the skills necessary to program a Fantasy Bracket starting with 16 teams. I know this is not a trivial project (I don’t know how hard it is, however!), and I’m asking you to do it in a little over a month if we are going to use it for this year’s USBC (the Round of 16 starts on May 13th), which is very soon. Still, I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask!

I’ll try to answer any questions anyone might have. I think we’d want to run this on the USBF website, which is a Joomla site, if that matters. Most of our custom software is PHP, if that matters.  We’d probably ask anyone who wanted to enter the Fantasy Bracket to register on the site (“join” USBF on the website, but not pay dues), so that they could log in to create their fantasy bracket, but if there’s a better way to handle that, we’re flexible. 

I’m afraid we don’t have any real money for this project, but in future years we’re planning to limit entry in the Fantasy Brackets (I’m confident we can manage to create one by the 2019 Open, Senior, Women's & Mixed USBCs) to Active and Supporting USBF members (that means members who have paid dues), and I’d be happy to let anyone who helps with the programming enter for 10 years without meeting that requirement. Our planned prize for the Fantasy Bracket winner is an online match against the actual USBC winners.

Thanks for reading this and considering helping us with this project!

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