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Take a look at these two hands defended by B-Z against Israel during the 2014 EBTC. This is not the evidence that was sent to the WBF; we came across this as we were watching the videos. These are not the only instances we found of them touching the dummy, but these two hands stood out. It helps to watch the videos at 720p and at 0.25 speed (click on the settings button in the bottom right).

This is board 19. Here is the full video, cued to when the dummy comes down.

First he spreads out dummy's spades.

Then he touches the hearts.

Then the clubs.

He touches the diamonds, but the screen blocks the camera.

Here is board 17. The full video is here. Again,click on the settings button in the bottom right and watchit in 720p and .25 speed.

He touches the dummy 3 times. Dummy's suits from left to right (or top to bottom) are diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades.

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