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Hold on a minute

At first I was annoyed and thought that the director (whom I consider to be very good -- imagine that on BridgeWinners!) got this wrong. Now I am not so sure.

N deals and the auction begins 1 - P - 1NT at which point E drops 3 of her cards on the floor, 2 face down and 1 face up. S, inappropriately dives toward the cards to help retrieve them but spots the Q face up. W never moved, didn't see the card or cards in question, could not have seen them except by leaving his seat, and S and W (both club directors) summon the director.

Director rules that the Q is exposed and a Major penalty card. S voices weak disagreement. I disagree also, but I consider it far more likely that director is right than me. Or S for that matter. S bans a C lead and the QC is returned to the E hand.

Now while S is thinking about what to do on my lead of . . . not a . . . I go ask director whether the Q is now unauthorized information as to me. She says yes. I thought this was wrong initially and that there was black letter law on it, but I see that the law contains the phrase "so long as it remains on the table" which clearly the card was returned to E's hand once lead was barred.

4 club level directors thought both rulings were wrong, but now I am waffling and thinking the other 3 club level directors and I are the ones that are wrong.

One other director, not referenced up to now, suggested a procedural penalty for S, who should not be diving toward dropped cards and indeed should head the other way.

Maybe Ed R will be along with chapter and verse. 

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