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Homage to Michael Rosenberg

Debbie and Michael Rosenberg just won the gold medal at the recent Mixed Teams World Championships with a stunning performance. They have been working very hard on their partnership for a long time and the hard work paid off, fully deserved. My most heartfelt congratulations to both of them!

One of Michael’s many successful declarer plays has just been discussed in a German discussion forum. Some of you may remember the name Peter Splettstösser. Together with Helmut Häusler he formed one of the premier European junior pairs back in the 70s and 80s. Peter has long retired from active bridge, but is still a highly respected and admired contributor to that forum. He chimed in on the discussion of Michael’s declarer play fondly remembering their first ever encounter with each other. That was in 1972 at the European Junior Championships in Delft, the Netherlands. Michael represented Great Britain back then, Peter represented Germany.

According to Peter Michael gave him the following advice: Whenever somebody leads from the wrong side, always accept the lead! Somebody who doesn’t know whose lead it is, most likely has no clue what the best lead is.

Then Michael gave Peter a declarer play problem, which Peter refers to as his all time favorite.










You are declarer in 7H. How do you play on a trump lead and why?

I offer a magnum glass of champagne for the first correct solution of this absolutely brilliant problem to toast to Debbie and Michael’s victory.

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