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Home-style Swiss -- your thoughts?

It has been suggested that, for our sectional tournaments, a home-style Swiss game might be a good event for 299ers. The reasoning is that newer players will be less intimidated -- no fancy movements, fewer other players -- just getting them to come to the tournament is a good first step.

As it's been described to me, in home-style Swiss, you can enter the event as a pair or a team. Pairs are matched up to make teams as needed. Then each team plays against one other team for the whole event. (This seems odd to me.) I couldn't say how the scoring works -- do you still have rounds?

I just looked on the ACBL website and didn't find much, but apparently one of the points is that home-style is run as a restricted-convention game. This seems like a lot of management overhead for little actual value -- how many precision pairs are going to show up for this event? Maybe handing out a simplified convention card is good, but not if people end up having to fill out another card for a single event.

But ... Has anybody tried this at a tournament level? How did it work out?

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