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How do you act and alert after partner's missbid?

The bidding starts with you as dealer:




2 was alerted, and partner bid 2 without asking, and you alert, now your RHO asks you what 2 is.

Now everyone and your dog plays that 2 is majors in your area, but it doesn't hurt to double check (wrong), so you ask opponent what 2 means before answering.

To your dismay he tells you that 2 shows hearts and club 2-suiter.


Your methods are:

When opponents bid a 2-suiter of minors or major-minor, lower of the cuebids shows a good hand with the lower of the other suits, and higher of the cuebids, a good hand with higher of the other suits.

However when opponents of 2-suiters show both majors, then your cuebids show inv+ raise and stopper on the suit cuebid.


How do you alert? how do you act?

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