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How do you bid over an Unusual 2NT after you both have bid?

Case 1 below happened twice in two days playing in Bracket 1 KOs at Irvine Regional last week. First someone bid it against us and we had never discussed. Next day, I did it to someone else and THEY had never discussed.

In general, do you have system in place for the following? Un vs Un does not fit when Opener can only count on 6 HCP and 4 of a M opposite. Support X? We usually limit these to 2H.

1) 1x-(P)-1y-(2N); ?

2) 1x-(P)-1y-(2N); P-(3a)-?

3) 1x-(P)-2y-(2N); ?

4) 1x-(P)-2y-(2N); P-(3/4a)-?

Added in response to Scott Needham's questions.

xandy are any two suits. Specifically our bidding was 1D-(P)-1S.

3) and 4) are intended as 2/1 auctions, not jump shifts of any sort.

Don't know if the pair who bid 2Nagainst us play Sandwich or not. We do and I bid2 N after (1C)-P-(1S) with 5/6 in the reds.

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