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How good is your memory for discards?

Here is something I devised to test my memory for tracking discards, and maybe help improve it if possible.

Take a deck of playing cards and remove the spades. Shuffle the remaining cards and then deal them out to two 'opponents'. You take the first card, look at it then give it to the person on your left, face down. Then do the same with the next card to RHO. Repeat the process, until you've given each person a few cards. Then you have to try and remember how many of each suit you've given to each. You don't have to remember the rank of the card, just the suits, so if you deal out 5 cards to each player, the answer might be: 2 hearts, 2 diamonds and 1 club for one player and 1 heart, 3 diamonds and 1 club for the other.

You are not allowed to think for a while between dealing out the cards - you deal, look at it, turn it over, then onto the next one with no delays in between. And of course you must deal alternately, not all cards to one player and then all the cards to the other. This is MUCH easier to remember of course.

The question is, how many cards can you deal to each and remember the distribution, say over 90% of times.

It gets exponentially harder. I found I can remember four cards, but struggled with five when I did a brief trial.

And if anyone can do this easily and wishes to share their method, then I'd be interested to know.  Though, my guess is that some lucky people can just 'do it',  without knowing how, like a photographic memory.



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