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How Not To Fill Out a Convention Card Part 1

Playing a club matchpoint with an occasional partner, I printed 2 copies of our convention card from my BridgeWinners library.  But partner showed up with a hand written card that must have been quite old.  After a brief discussion, we decided to work from partner's card, and quickly reviewed each section, making a few needed changes on my card.

Naturally, on the first board of the day, Red/White, I picked up 4 - 5 - J854 - AKQJ864.  After a pass from RHO, I opened a Gambling 3 NT.  That wasn't one of the things we had discussed, but everyone at this club play it...except Don, it turns out.  No alert from partner, and when LHO asks, he says 25-27.  Poker face from me as LHO and partner pass in tempo.  Now RHO asks to see my convention card, and then re-opens with 4.  

Now I have a UI problem.  I know 1)  partner thinks I have 25-27 and 2) partner is quite weak since he made no move over 3NT.  The UI clearly suggests passing, since 5x is likely down at least 2.  Therefore, if 5 is a logical alternative, I must bid it; I can't choose Pass, the alternative suggested by UI.  If partner has a hand that would pass over a gambling 3NT, he should have stoppers in 3 suits.  If so, would 5 have a chance to make, or would it be best to pass and take a likely plus against 4?  

On the other hand, if I bid 5 and it somehow works out, opponents are going to say "obviously, partner misunderstood your gambling 3NT so you bid 5 to clarify matters...shame on you for fielding UI."

I will give the full hand in a follow-up post.

May Pass because 5 isn't a LA.
5 is a LA, but Pass anyway.
Must bid 5 because that is a LA and Pass is suggested by UI.
Something else

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