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How often do you take advantage of an opponents revoke?

This is often an ethical problem for me, and I'm not sure there is a clear answer, even though the rules of the game allow it.

For this question, assume that an opponent has played a low card of a suit they would otherwise be able to win had they been allowed to play the card of their choice, but now they must play the low card at the first legal opportunity, giving you an otherwise unmake-able contract.

Always, when possible. It's part of the game. Besides, my opponents would if given the opportunity.
Depends on the opponent. I hate to take advantage of friends or someone with bad vision or bad health.
Depends on partner(s) or the form of scoring. I have an obligation to partner/teammates.
Rarely/never. I don't want to win that way. I want to win based on my ability not my opponents disability.
I usually do, but feel guilty afterwards.
Depends on level of event. I wouldn't at a club game, but in top level competition, although rare, you have to take advantage.
Other- please explain below

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