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How to deal with an illegal system / convention

A curious thing happened at a recent sectional that’s got me stumped. I’m hoping I can draw on the collective wisdom and experience of the folks here to see if anyone knows what the solution is.

In the 5th round of a 7 round Swiss teams, we came across a pair that were using an illegal convention (5-15 weak 2 bids with conventional asking and relay bids. The ACBL specifies a range of no more than 7 points (inclusive) is permitted if there are any conventional asking bids available to responder).

When I told them that they couldn’t play this, they tried to get away with it by saying the director had given them the green light to play it. Needless to say, no such director was found, and I’ve referred this to the appropriate people.

My question is this: Does anyone know what happens to their results, and any masterpoints they may have earned while playing this? I realize it’s difficult to prove they were playing it on previous days, but at least for the first 4 matches of that event, where they obviously were playing it.

I’ve asked several people locally, but nobody seems to know. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Nothing. They keep their results / points.
Results are voided and points are forfeited.
Something else (please explain below).

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