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How to ensure/disensure the trump promotion?

Simple question.

You play basic 2/1, udca. Pd is pretty good, but not much discussion. But I wouldn't really know what to do even with discussion

If precise spots matter, please explain, but this question is relevant for various holdings.

Suppose you have a hand like:

Qx  J8xxx  T9xxx  x

or say,

Jxx  J9xxx  98xx  x

and hear the following power-auction.

(say IMPs)

Partner opens 1

1 (DBL) P (1)

3 (3) P (4)

All pass.

Say Dummy shows up with:

T97 AT7x J7x Q7x

You lead your club, and partner manages to take the first 3 tricks (overtaking your lead, of course, the distribution really should be 6331 for this question to be relevant). How would you signal to demand a trump promotion, and the setting trick?

What if you had

xxx J8xx T9xxx x

with no trump spot, and a ruff-n-sluff might be disastrous (say declarer has a natural loser).

My guess (please correct me) is that if you *don't* ruff partner's 3rd club winner, then you demand a continuation.

A good opening leader would ruff the good club to ensure no continuation.

Or is it not so simple?


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