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How to take NO tricks with the AK of trump

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the long hiatus. But things have quieted down around here, so I present you with a couple of gems from recent tournaments:

I got called to the table. As I got there, declarer turns to me, puzzled, and says, "I claimed with the AK of trump and they called for you." I look down and see that she has put on the table the A and the K. Hmmmm.

I asked what the contract was and she told me 3. I pointed out that it appears the reason I was called is because those aren't both diamonds. Declarer gasped! I asked everyone else to put their cards on the table and, sure enough, one of the defenders was in possession of the A.

As I ponder how many tricks the defenders should get since:

a) declarer could lead the A and force the opponent to ruff, giving her one trick, or

b) declarer could lead the K and get no more tricks because defender's hand is high, and

c) our laws say that when "pulling trump" we play top down, so it's not entirely clear to me which order declarer should play them in.

A helpful defender says, "AND she ruffed the last trick, which was a heart!" Ah, that's easy then, declarer takes no more tricks. Glad the defenders can make my life a little easier.


One more:

Auction goes: 


E/W call me to the table after the auction and tell me that there were no alerts and a LONG tank before 6. So, I take the 2 bidder away and ask what 5NT was. She said, "I already know how many aces we have, I was asking about kings!" 

Sometimes bridge is so easy.

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