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How will Monaco line-up at the Bermuda Bowl?

I'm having difficultly working out who is eligible and/or available to play for Monaco at the 2019 Bermuda Bowl.

At last year's European Championships Monaco fielded Zimmermann, Multon, Martens, Allevena, Helgemo & Helness and qualified for the 2019 Bermuda Bowl by placing 6th.

We all know that Lauria-Versace are waiting in the wings once they become eligible; but I'm not exactly sure when that will be.  They haven't played for Italy since 2016 so must be getting close to being eligible for Monaco.  Accordingly to Neapolitan Club they will be eligible for the 2019 Bermuda Bowl. Is that right?

With the recent CAS decision, could Fantoni-Nunes make a comeback?  It would seem unlikely.

What's Dominik Filipowicz status?  He is still listed in the EBL database under Poland.

Helgemo is obviously ruled-out, but I guess Helness could play with Martens or Allevena.  However, in other threads I've read that both Helgemo and Helness are currently incarcerated in Norway for tax evasion, so perhaps neither of them would've been available for the Bermuda Bowl even without Helgemo's doping violation.  Does anyone know when their prison sentences start and finish?

Would a team of Zimmermann-Multon, Martens-Helness & Lauria-Versace be a possibility?

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