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The following occured in the round of 8 at the team trials A leading pair had the following auction: 1 1 2 3NT 4 6. Openers hand was Axx x AQ10xxx xxx. There was an agreed 2 minute or so huddle before the 3nt bid and a lengthy huddle before 4 spades. The opening bidder recollected this was a pass or correct to 4 spade auction. Responder had only 4 spades, but 6 was a great contract and made, and 3nt was going down as it did at the other table. He was able to produce notes saying 2nt would have been forcing and partner was supposed to have 5 spades on this auction.Did the huddle wake him up to know that 3nt was not the correct contract? You be the judge, jury, and/or executioner.

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