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Hurts So Good

Many moons ago, I picked up (in a local club tournament).....






NV Imps. 


My RHO (a novice) opened 1H. (4 card majors) .

I nearly fell out of my chair. 

Recovering from the shock I bid 1S.

LHO made a negative double. 

Partner jumped to 4S!

Before I considered my options, RHO doubled. 

Now he had never heard of the stripe-tail, but I had. I had planned to bid a slam hoping to catch







So I settled for a simple redouble, after which it went all pass.

My partner, ashen faced - tabled the dummy, as per above.   


I gave up a heart and made 4S** with two over tricks. Smug I was, imagining this was a great result. 

Alas, our partners pushed them to 6S and doubled, and perforce, failed to beat it.

If I recall, we lost 3 imps, you can do the math if so inclined. (not 100 for redble back then.)


Have you ever had what you thought was a wonderful result, to later discover.....not so good?

If so, please share. 


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