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Hypothetical UI question

Assume you are making the opening lead to an opponents' contract.  Your hand includes the AK.  You lead the Ace and dummy goes down with the Aces of diamonds and hearts.  Declarer calls for a small card and partner also plays small, but fumbles and drops the A.  This is ruled to be a major penalty card (Law 50B).

Declarer denies a spade lead (50D2a) and the card is returned to hand.   The presence of the spade Ace is UI for you (50E2).

So far so simple.

However, assume also that during the bidding, declarer denied an Ace.  Since you can see three of the 4 aces once dummy goes down, the fact that partner has the A is AI from the bidding.

Does 50E2 override the AI from the bidding or does the AI overrule 50E2?

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