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I am Spartacus

A couple of years ago, while I was playing in a regional Swiss, someone's cell phone rang. The perpetrater turned it off quickly but all of us in the vicinity knew whose phone it was. The director heard the ring from across the room but was too far away to identify the person. He rushed over and demanded: "whose phone was that?" He was greeted with a deafening silence until I raised my hand and announced: "I am Spartacus" (no, it wasn't my phone). A few seconds later, someone a few tables away stood up and said: "I am Spartacus." Soon, there were a few more Spartacus's offering themselves up for crucifixion; and eventually the director just gave up.

I bring this up because, while I was playing in the national Senior Swiss in Philly, one of my teammates' cell phones rang (this was more serious because cell phones are barred from the room). He turned it off quickly, the directors didn't hear it, and one the opponents said "we don't care", so he breathed a sign of relief. However, a woman a few tables away said:"I do care" and called the director.

My team was penalized 5 VP's.

The poll question is, which of the following best characterizes your emotions about this incident?

Bridge is a game, games have rules, and if you break the rules you deserve to be punished.
If the woman who turned my teammate in has had a cell phone penalty imposed on her in the past, she was justified.
There is a circle in Hell reserved for this woman and people like her.

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