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She who must be obeyed has made a living out of motor vehicle accidents resulting in catastrophic injury. I am bias but I suspect most others in the industry would agree that she is the go to person for lawyers and insurers in the city we live in for all things catastrophic motor vehicle accident related. At her best she acknowledges that this has resulted in a borderline psychological condition.

I have listened to others tell back seat driver stories. None of those stories included being told which road rule you breached, how you breached it including recent Supreme Court authorities, the statistics on the consequences of such a breach, the nature of the injuries likely to be caused by an accident arising from such a breach, the criminal penalty that attaches to the nature of your alleged offence, the insurance implications as well as the usual about injuring/maiming/killing your children if they were in the car. I beat all those other stories easy.

A lazy weekend afternoon and you get a call from SWMBO and upon answering there is trouble. "I have been in an accident at the lights next to the supermarket !". That is only about 400 metres from where you live so you hang up and jog to the site. You arrive and ask the obvious question and thankfully nobody is hurt beyond a few bruises. Your car is impressively bashed in on a front corner such that the bonnet obscures most of the windscreen. The other car is similarly damaged. You double check that no-one is hurt because these cars are seriously hurt.

SWMBO is trying and failing at composure. You do a good job at calming her down and ask about the accident and she carefully submits to your questions. As is usual returning home she was making a filter turn across traffic coming in the other direction at this traffic light intersection that does not have specific turn lights. As she turned across the lanes on the other side of the road a car travelling in the opposite direction collided with the front of her car. Her description exactly fits the damage and layout of the site.

The Police have arrived and they interrupt your discussion and ask to speak to SWMBO. The Police are what you know all about and you politely ask them to give you a minute which they are happy to do. SWMBO knows you know all about this and asks "What do I tell them". You advise SWMBO that the truth is the only plan and add that albeit the accident is her fault she is unlikely to be in any significant trouble. "My fault ! The guy came out of nowhere and he was obviously going too fast". You calmly recite the obvious circumstances of the accident including that the other car was there to be seen, it must of had a green or orange light otherwise her turn would of been against a red light and that in any event her obligation was to give way to everything. You deeply enjoy the next couple of seconds as a quiet SWMBO suddenly realizes what has occurred.

SWMBO got a caution. Our car just lived but the other car died. Obviously we had the best car insurance known to man.





You are the keeper of the system and your 3D bid is weak. Before passing 3D's LHO asks partner about it and he says that it shows 5+/5+ in the majors. You remember practising with partner before the event and telling him that he had the opportunity to be the first partner never to screw up a Ghestem auction and it is clear he has not taken his opportunity.

You go a prompt 1 off and RHO starts a conversation and you know where it is going and interrupt to assist him in calling the director. Its the last board before the lunch break and as you had been contemplating a toastie at Subway for a few boards before these events you excuse yourself before the director arrives indicating to everyones agreement that the facts are not in dispute and that you have nothing to say to the director.

At Subway you are looking through the hands and you meet Kevin for the first time. He seems nice enough and it appears he knows a bit about bridge. You take another look at the hand and bother to ask Kevin about the auction carefully omitting which cards you held. "I adjust the score and give South a procedural penalty". You query the procedural penalty bit and Kevin bluntly says something to the effect of "Clear unethical behaviour". 

Sadly you say some things that are defensive and as Kevin becomes more polite you know it is bad.

You ask your highly esteemed team mate after lunch and he looks tortured and with very different words says exactly the same thing as Kevin.

The score is adjusted to 4HX 3 off.

Seems that for me at least "ethical" is not a given but a constant state of vigilance.

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