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I Don't Understand This

Our bridge community in Minnesota is not huge. Every player matters.

As the person who manages our state's website, I try hard to post all that I think might be of interest to our members. Sadly, that does also include when we lose one of our players.

Over a year and a half ago, Tom Holzer passed away.  Good player, very nice guy and friends with many.

So, imagine my surprise when I was perusing the In Memoriam section of the most recent Bulletin just now - and saw Tom's name listed there!

It seemed very weird to me that his death was noted so long after he had already passed.  Am I being strange in feeling this way?  Should the League print the death of a member, no matter how long ago it was that he died?

Should the League try to have a better system in place, so that the notices are a more timely?

I'm sure that this is an odd inquiry ... Thanks to anyone who is willing to express some views about how this part of our world can be best handled.

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