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I was always told that a 7-4-2-0 distribution was known as a Marilyn Monroe - what would you bid on this sexy hand?

This is the first time I've attempted to pose a bidding problem here, so I'm not sure if it is going to come out right or if it's even in the right place.

You are playing in London so you are playing Acol, although the auction would be the same with 2 over 1.

Your opponents are silent. You are playing matchpoints.

Your partner opens in second seat at game all with 1

You hold:





You respond 1

Your partner rebids 1

What action do you now take?

The Auction so far:


1 Pass 1 Pass

1 Pass ?


Partner has shown 5-4 on your methods (although 4144 is also possible). Your opening NT range if it matters is 12-14.

There seem to be 3 possibilities:

a) Bid game in 

b) Bid game in 

c) Bid the 4th suit and get better informed and then decide.

What is your choice?

Would it be different if you were playing IMPs?

If you end in 4 how might you expect to come to 10 (or hopefully more) tricks?  Will the contract make by making your hand good or partner's hand good do you think?


I will tell you partner's hand after I've had a few responses. This will be tomorrow as it's knocking on 2am here in England.

Would your answer be different if your partner were Zia or you yourself were Zia - i.e. one of you was substantially better at declarer play?


As an aside has anyone else heard this hand-pattern being called a Marilyn Monroe? Do other hand-patterns have names?


4 Spades
4 Hearts
2 Clubs
Something Else
Call Zia

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