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"I was always....."

On the post about the committee that ultimately decided the outcome of the finals for the 2016 USBF Open, Paul Barden posted this comment:

Steve Garner states that he intended 4NT as keycard. Roger Bates says that he took it as showing spade control. During discussion with the director, Garner says “when I bid 4NT I realised that I might be making a mistake. And once he bid 4C I was always driving slam: it was just a matter of how many.”

Which made me wonder.  With screens, is there any current law as to what a player can do in such a situation?  Is he allowed to write this to his opponent before he makes a bid - then follow through with it, come what may?

Could Garner, prior to bidding 4NT, have given a note to his screenmate stating "irrespective of his response, I am bidding at least a small slam" - and would that then have settled the matter?

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