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IBF confirms February 14 hearing, to check members' possible liability

Text of Decision No. 17 of the Israel Bridge Federation's Special Ethics Committee dealing with accusations against Lotan Fisher and Ron Schwartz has been forwarded to me.  It does not appear to have been posted on the IBF website yet.  I've copied the essential points of the PDF document I received Monday night. 

After the usual heading, here is what the decision says:

"1. The law does not grant members of the committee immunity from lawsuits by anyone who sees himself as having been harmed by the committee's resolutions, whether it be Mr. Fisher or Mr. Schwartz or any other member of the Israel Bridge Federation.

"2.  The members of the committee perform their duties on a volunteer basis, and it is problematic to expose them to potential lawsuits.

"3.  The way in which the committee has resolved to act is to initiate a legal proceeding whose purpose is to receive the court's advance confirmation that it is not possible to file a lawsuit against members of the committee in connection with their position.


"4.  In order to initiate such a proceeding, the Israel Bridge Federation shall bear attorney's fees (who is not connected to members of the committee) for representation in such a proceeding.

"5.  The next hearing of the committee is scheduled for February 14, 2016."

That's the operative text of the decision.  I have no other information.  Please note that I've been relaying information from the IBF as a courtesy to both the IBF and Bridgewinners, and have no official -- or for that matter, unofficial -- capacity in the IBF (or, obviously, in Bridgewinners).



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