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I'd like a double shot, please.


1 opening on your right, then

1 - X - 4 - 4 -

X* - P - 5 - P -

P - 6 - P - P -


*Hesitation acknowleged and director ruled to continue, then call back if necessary.

EDIT: Inview of the hesitation, the hand which pulled 4S doubled was ruled not to be an obvious pull, so there was an infraction forthe purposes of this poll.

If 6D fails, result should revert to 4S doubled.
If 6D fails, result should revert to 4S doubled for offending side, but non-offending side should get their result of 6D down.
If 6D fails, result should depend upon judgement whether 6D was a reasonable choice. (10% of a recent poll)

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