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If a player is forced to pass, does that mean that they accept an insufficient bid?

We got close to this situation at a tournament this weekend.

After two passes, my RHO bid 1 (could be short), I overcalled 1 and LHO bid 2N.

2N was not alerted and after my partner passed, RHO doubled her partner's 2NT. (My LHO actually had the minors.)

We called the TD and he said that my RHO could make any bid that she liked including pass but the double must be withdrawn. He informed my LHO that she was barred from the rest of the auction. (This may have been an error.)

Taking director perhaps too literally, my RHO then bid 1. I accepted this and rebid 1 That was passed out for a good score.

It made me wonder though. Suppose that, after her double had been withdrawn my RHO had passed or bid 3.

What would then happen if I bid 1. My LHO must pass. Does that mean that they have accepted my bid?

I would hope that this would never actually happen at the table but we did get close yesterday.

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