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(if I were) Shopping for a Pro

I think the group of readers and posters on bridgewinners are the appropriate people to ask.

My question is this:  If I wanted to hire a pro for a national event, or even a regional event in Canada, what do I have the right to expect from said pro?

I play Max Hardy 2/1, the system in the orange quiz book, complete with several tweaks, including a transfer system over a major suit opening and I play UDCA.

Normally I play with my husband, and win a lot at the club level and at any regional I've had an opportunity to attend because he is a fantastic player, and has a didactic memory(remembers every hand he's ever played completely)  Lately, though, he's been adverse to travel.

Can I expect a pro to bid my system entirely, with all the nuances, and to know everything in the Max Hardy quiz book? Can I make suggestions to him/ her?  Is there a site which lists pro's qualifications and usual systems?  I wouldn't like to bend the pro's mind too out of shape adapting to what  I play, and I would not play with anyone that wouldn't play my style. 

And if this isn't too much of an indictment, I would like to play with a pro that would indeed have been able to bid six clubs on the hand used as an example in the LF -RS hands.  



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