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Implicit partnership agreements with new partners

Sometimes an implicit agreement arises from long experience. But under the laws awareness of a player can create an implicit agreement. As an extreme example if I have read Steve Weinstein's article about when to raise with 3 vs bid NT carefully and we are playing for the first time we may have an implicit agreement on some auctions we have never discussed (for this example let's also assume Steve knows I am an avid BW reader).

Now we move on from that unusual case.

For our more pedestrian new partnerships, let's take an auction without interference:

1 - 1

4 - 4

You are declaring 4 and LHO asks about the 4 bid. Of course defense should know if 4 guarantees spade support.

Let's say this is a first time partnership and you spent 10 minutes filling in a convention card and never discussed this auction. Can you just say "no agreement"?

Consider two partners:

1. Anne is a colleague from work who you just discovered won a silver medal as a junior 20 or so years ago, played professionally for a few years with some success in major events, then decided to focus on her non-bridge career.

2. Charles is your uncle from Florida who plays social bridge every few months and duplicate in the beginner game once or twice a year, usually unsuccessfully.

For the purposes of this poll, please try if you can to join me in assuming for the purpose of choosing our response to 4D that Anne most likely has 4 spades and a very good diamond suit for this bid, and Charles is saying nothing about spades. If you need to revamp my description of the players to share these assumptions please do so.

What do you have to disclose here?

In either case "no agreement" is sufficient
With Anne, in addition to "no agreement" I should offer that while we have not discussed this auction I expect she has spade support to bid past 3N
With Charles, in addition to "no agreement" I should offer that while he have not discussed this auction I don't think 4 says anything about spade support
I should offer the additional information with both partners
It depends on the event and opponents - please explain
Other - please explain

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