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In a slump . . . .

What's the solution?

After finishing second overall in the Tuesday Open Pairs at the Ventura Regional because I played a suit (AK98xx opposite Jx at MPs in a standard contract -- this exact suit is in this month's BW) almost correctly, but not correct on the actual layout this time, I have been slumping. Almost 6 months now. The intermittent 65% in a club, interspersed among way too many 56%s. And the occasional mid-40s. And today . . . well let's just say the score had a 3 in it.

What's changed? I am more busy at my real profession. I have been pressed into more service directing. And I have a couple of students (at the table students, not private home class students like before). Essentailly between everything, I am working at bridge, working in the practice or playing bridge pretty much every waking hour.

Seriously, I feel like giving up the game again.

What do you do to kill a slump?

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