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In Praise of Bridge Winners

I observe that there has been some angst generated by the "frank and forthright exchanges of views" in some recent BW articles, with assorted demands for Immediate Action of various types.

Perhaps we should step back for a moment and reflect on what a valuable and useful resource we have in Bridge Winners. For no payment at all we can:

- Post questions on card play, bidding problems, conventions, ethics, rulings etc

- Participate in discussions with a diverse and intelligent community

- Answer polls and learn from the resultant comments

- Follow card-play exercises from world-class players (more Gargoyle Chronicles please!)

- Listen in to the thoughts of experts in the Challenge Match video series

- Make use of the online Convention Card editor

And all of that in a well-structured user interface that is a pleasure to use.

No doubt you have observed the recent improvements (Jump to Next Comment, Back to Top and so on) that show that the BW support team is hard at work to make our time on the site more enjoyable. They are, I believe, unpaid and perhaps we should make an effort not to lengthen their day and burden them with minor disputes.

If, like I, you find BW interesting, enjoyable and educational, take a moment whisper a quiet "Thank you" to the hard workers behind the scenes. As bridgeplayers, we are all better off for its existence.

What a wonderful site is Bridge Winners!

The users enjoy and are grinners

A few silly wights

Have grizzles and gripes

Just pay little mind to those sinners.

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