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In search of an appeal (20 years ago) from ACBL nationals

Really I need someone with more time than sense.

I want to find an appeal that might well not have made it to an ACBL book (in which case what chance does anyone have?) and two of the participants cant remember the details. (The other two participants are unknown/forgotten)

Swiss Teams.

Here they are

The auction was



The 1NT opening was not strong (weak or mini).

The opposing pair had (it was agreed) sat down at the table and agreed not to play DONT, their strong NT defense but to play transfers.

so 2 showed diamonds per their agreement. Advancer bid 2 to play, overcaller (sticking with his DONT agreement since he had forgotten and had bid 2 to show clubs and a major) bid 2 to show his second suit as requested.)

There was  no suggestion that overcaller and advancer had done anything involving UI but responder, with six diamonds, said he would have bid 3 over 2 had he known what was going on.

Can anyone find, or does anyone know of more details of the case?

The two participants I can identify are the idiot who bid 2 (Barry Rigal) and the 1NT opener (Ellen Siebert/Kent).

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