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In the dark. (ACBL)

We play a 12-14 no trump.Partner opens 1nt, and RHO doubles.

I reach for LHO's convention card, scribbled in the NT defence box is CAP (strong) and Mod CAP (weak). I ask for RHO's CC, same thing.

I then call the Director and explain my predicament, there are no details on the CC.

The Director advises that I can take inference, or ask.

After the hand, I ask for clarification regarding the use of 'convention names' on the CC and I am advised that it is acceptable to use 'convention names', as long as you explain it if asked.

How are you able to understand the meaning of the bid, without potentially revealing details concerning your own hand, alerting the opponents to their agreements or giving your partner UI? We all know there are a myriad of treatments to standard conventions which are not disclosed by simply using convention names.

Comments please?

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