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In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?

At a local club, this very situation did occur. and fortunately there was a retired physician who was playing. He hypothesized that the player was in cardiac arrest and began to administer CPR. Another player called 9-1-1, and a third went to get the AED.

It took 9 minutes for the paramedics to arrive on scene, but fortunately the quick response by the players saved the victim's life.

Going back to the original question, as a club owner/director, do you know CPR/First Aid? Do you know if the facility that you are playing at has an AED device, and where it is located? Does your supply kit contain a CPR mask?

I feel that the ACBL should, at a minimum, have all tournament directors who are DiC-qualified also be trained and certified in CPR and First Aid. That way there will always be someone on site who will have the knowledge to potentially save a life.

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