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In the Well: Bob Hamman

Bob HammanRobert "Bob" Hamman
stands in a class by himself. Bob grew up in Los Angeles, but moved to Dallas in 1969 when Ira Corn recruited him for the legendary Aces. Bob's bridge career then took off, as he won the World TeamChampionship in 1970 and 1971 with the Aces. Bob went on to win 12 World Championships and over 50 NABC titles. Additionally, he was the number-one ranked player in the WBF in 1983 and from 1985-2004 continuously.

Bob's regular partners included Bobby Wolff, the late Paul Soloway, and recently, Zia. Now, he will partner one of the next generation's most talented players, Justin Lall, for the 2012-2013 cycle.

Bob is also the CEO of SCA Promotions, Inc. a company that he started in 1986. Bob grew SCA Promotions into the world's largest provider of prize coverage for promotions, contests, and games. Bob and SCA are behind many of the million-dollar contests seen at major sporting events, casino jackpots, and many other sweepstakes.

Here is your chance to ask this remarkable man anything you want, use it wisely. Bob will be onlineto answer your questions aroundnoon Central Time.

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