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In The Well: Boye Brogeland

Boye BrogelandAt just over 40 years old, Boye Brogeland is one of the world’s best bridge players. He is well known for his imagination (both in the bidding and in the cardplay),his will to win,and his infectious smile. Fresh off a victory in the 2014 Las Vegas Spingold, today he enters the Well to answer your questions.

Boye was born in Norway in 1973. He learned bridge at the age of 8 from his grandparents, and was playing weekly at the local club when he was 12. At the age of 19, after finishing high school and starting business and administration studies, he decided to see just how good at bridge he could get, and the bridge world has never been the same. In addition to becoming a professional player, Boye also became a highly regarded bridge author. He writes and produces the Norwegianbridge magazine Bridge in Norway, writes a daily bridge column, and also wroteBridge at the Edgewith David Bird.

His first long-term partnership was with Erik Sælensminde. Together they won many titles, including a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and two 4ths in the Bermuda Bowl for Norway, the 2005 Hecht Cup, and the 2010 Life Master Pairs. He has also had success with Geir Helgemo, winning the 1995 World Junior Pairs, and Øyvind Saur, winning the 1996 European Junior Championships. Now his regular partner is Espen Lindqvist, with whom he won his first open European Championship in 2008, plus two more ACBL championships.

Boye is married to Tonje Aasand Brogeland, and they have two children: Anders (9) and Mie (3 months). One of his fondest bridge memories is playing with Tonje in the 2005 European Championship Mixed Teams. Despite her needing to breastfeed Anders (2 months old) between breaks, they were able to win the championship along with their teammates Gunn & Tor Helness and Helen & Espen Erichsen.

In his spare time, Boye loves sports. As a kid he played a lot of soccer and fancied Liverpool in England and Start in Norway. Today he likes to watch the main matches in the Champions League and La Liga, where he supports Barcelona. Another sport he follows is boxing.He still hopes for a Mayweather–Pacquiao fight.

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