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In the Well: Brad Moss

Brad MossBrad Moss has always been one to take the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference. Well-known for being a dangerous and imaginative player, his bridge accolades are legion:ACBLandWBFGrand Life Master, World Champion, many-time National Champion, King of Bridge, Player of the Year. But more striking than his success at the bridge table has been his success away from it as well. With mentoring from Steve Weinstein, he dropped out of NYU to become a market maker at age 22,and his talent was such that he became financially independent by 25. He was a partner withRenataTrading, and later started his own hedge fund (Crosscourt Capital). He now splits his time between fatherhood and bridge. Lately, whenBoye Brogeland sought help from top players to help in his crusade against cheaters, Brad was among the first to respond, being one of the core members of Boye's "Bridge Interpol" which processed many videos to build convincing dossiers against several of the world's top pairs. Today, Brad enters the Well to answer your questions.

Brad is part of one of the most successful bridge-playing families in history (mother Gail Greenberg, brother Andrew Moss, sister and brother-in-law Jill and BobbyLevin, father and stepmother Michael and Sylvia Moss, and nephews Shane and Justin Blanchard), but he didn't learn bridge until late in childhood due to his mother's belief that bridge should not be taught tochildren. That didn't stop him: he and his siblings figured out how to play on their own. Once he took up the game, there was no stopping him. After early partnerships with Aaron Silverstein, Jeff Ferro, Lenny Holtz, and Rev Murthy, Brad established one of the top partnerships in the world with Fred Gitelman. After many successful years together, mostly as members of the DIAMONDteam, Gitelman retired from top-level play. Brad's current partner is Joe Grue.

Brad grew up in New York City and lived there until he was 35, becoming a lifelong NY sports fan in the process. Hethen lived in Northern California for a brief period before moving to Denver a few years ago. His wife Jennifer and two children,Cianand Lyra, are the center of his life, and his favorite way to spend his free time is with his kids. Other hobbies including riding his bike, playing tennis, skiing, cooking, and enjoying a really good cup of coffee with his wife.
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