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In the Well: Eric Rodwell

Eric RodwellEric Rodwell is a champion's champion. Not only are he and his partner Jeff Meckstroth regarded as one of the top pairs of all-time, but he is also regarded as one of the premier bidding theorists in the history of the game. He is responsible for the concepts of the support double, pass/double inversion, Serious Three Notrump, and is also the primary architect behind RM Precision, a hyper-aggressive system with reportedly over 800 pages of agreements. He is one of only ten people in history to have won the so-called bridge triple crown: the Bermuda Bowl (5 times), the World Open Pairs, and the World Team Olympiad. He has also won over 50 North American Bridge Championships and a dozen United States Bridge Championships.Today, Eric enters the Well to answer any questions you may have.

Eric was born in San Francisco, but at the age of 8, his family moved to West Lafayette, Indiana, so that his father could teach biochemistry as a professor at Purdue. He learned bridge at 11 and graduated from Purdue with a Master's degree in finance. Now he plays bridge as a full-time professional, living in Florida with his wife, Donna, and four kids.

Away from the bridge table, Eric is well-known for his abilities as a concert pianist. He sometimes gives performances at tournaments. He is the lead author of Topics in Bridge on, and he has also authoredThe Rodwell Files, which has been acclaimed as the most significant book on cardplay in the past decade.

Eric is playing at a regional this week, so his response time won't be as quick as previous wells, but he'll be checkingthis article when time permits. If you have a question for him, just write one in the comments area and he'll answer to the best of his ability!

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