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Incomplete explanation

Matchpoints, both vulnerable.

Holding AK AQ42 T2 KJ975 your system requires you to open 1, showing any 15-17.

LHO bids 2, alerted as showing diamonds.

Partner doubles, alerted by you as showing any 8+ HCP.

Pass by RHO.

Your call? Would you do anything different if given a complete explanation of 2: diamonds, or a 3-suiter short in diamonds?

If you choose to pass, the final result is 2X-1 for +200 and a zero for you. Before the start of play, declarer points out the incomplete explanation, and the director is called.

The director's ruling is that the partner of the 1 opener, holding QJT963 T A QT643 might have steered the partnership to 4 given a complete explanation. This involves some complex systemic understanding (e.g. this pair uses transfer advances) and it is not possible to determine how a bid of any number of  would be interpreted.

It seems to me that this is backwards: if overcaller could hold a 4414-type hand then wouldn't this make 4 less, not more, appealing?

I thought (I was overcaller) that maybe we should get a procedural penalty and that opps should keep their zero. Their methods over intervention are weak, and what happened at the table felt like a double shot. Admittedly they were unlucky to run into my actual hand: 2 J9876 QJ97654 -.

How would you rule?


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