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Insufficient Bid over a 2NT Opening Bid

The bidding goes 2NT. Long pause (30+ secs) and LHO places the 2C card on the table. Director is called and says to partner do you accept the bid? Partner says no and promptly bids 2D that I say is a transfer to hearts (I assumed that partner is treating the bidding the same as would have gone had I opened 1NT and LHO bid 2C to show clubs and a major- that is what is on their card as the defense over a 1NT opening). I bid 2H. LHO now bids 2S and partner bids 3D. I return to 3H partner now bids 4D which I pass, making. I have several questions: 1. The director didn't look at the opponents card or ask the 2C bidder if this was conventional. It appears that after pausing for a long time, LHO either forgot that the opening bid was 2N or didn't want to bid 3C and get doubled (any bid at the three level would have been a disaster). 2. Partner didn't accept the bid but then bid as if she did-what should have been done at this point?  The director was still at the table. 3. As the opening 2NT bidder do I have any options when partner does not accept the bid but then bids as if she did? 4. When partner said no, should LHO have to bid 3C? I have never experienced this situation before. 

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